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The best references for you in the Bitcoin world


In my opinion, this article contains the best sources that I hope will be useful to you

On the personal level, I have benefited a lot and changed some misconceptions

Before starting in the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, you thought you were lost and unable to understand anything

Over time, your understanding of this world will increase, but there are resources you should look at from the start because they will save you a lot of time reading and studying.

I will share these resources with you in this article

Cryptocurrency 101

The bitcoin standard book

Although the author presents some hypotheses as facts, this book gives an excellent introduction to the history of money and the role Bitcoin could play in the future.

To view the book, click here

A complete course from MIT University consisting of 24 lectures on Bitcoin and the blockchain, I recommend reading the papers discussed in the lectures to make the most of

The lecturer is President of the US Capital Markets Authority, Gary Gensler

From here

A 3 hour podcast episode that's the best introduction for anyone to the world of crypto

The presenters of the program summarize all the important points in this sector in a short time and without sacrificing the depth of ideas

From here

The Binance Academy Academy offers a set of videos and articles on everything related to crypto and for all levels

  from here

On a personal level, I recommend following the Naval account on Twitter from here

And the calculation of balajis from here

They are ahead of their age, and they have a great ability to simplify complex concepts so that a child can understand

And you have to learn a lot before risking your money. Many of us want to make money very quickly, and some may, unfortunately, risk their last remaining money, which is a point I must make.
Don't use all of your money at the beginning and even after a while, try to set aside 10% of your capital, especially when you are a beginner. I advise you to set aside only 5% in the beginning so that you do not lose everything that is left of you.

By doing so, you will have benefited from the experience and gained experience
I wish you good luck in all your dealings

And if you have more useful resources we hope that you will share them with us in the comments
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