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Important terms and concepts in the money markets cryptocurrency


"Capital management is not important."

`` Buy on the rumor and sell on the news. ''

'Fallen knife'

"I don't lose at all.!"

"We make it an investment"

"I have a method that works in all circumstances without financial management."

To start with, simply do not love a stock, market, or currency, nor do you have any loyalty to any market, stock, or currency, whatever it is

Be loyal and lover of your wallet balance only

Wallet balance is the most important .. remember that

Capital management is not important.!

What is the size of the risk and the percentage of your entry into your capital before entering into the trade is crucial and necessary to stay in the market

And do not lose sight of the share of the emergency portfolio in order to survive

Imagine yourself without financial management

Like driving a vehicle without a brake

We will talk about it in detail later

"Buy the rumor and sell the news."

What it means is that the currency often rises because there is a rumor or a leak of news that may or may not be believed, but it is certain that people buy or sell when the signs of the news appear and spread.

What is certain is that when the news is confirmed, you sell if the news is positive

Why .?

Because whoever bought the rumors sells to the buyers of the news and has obtained what he was seeking in terms of profit, and therefore he is now looking for a buyer for his shares to be able to sell and achieve the actual profit and then fall.

And if the rumors are negative and the news is confirmed, it is a time to buy when the retracement and stability are achieved

Don't forget - Don't buy the fallen knife?

Fallen knife

If someone threw a sharp knife from a high surface, it is best not to try to grab it before it falls and settles completely on the ground

And if you try to catch it, the risk of injuring yourself is high

And that applies to the markets

Let prices stabilize and calm down, then you can re-enter

"I don't lose at all.!"

 Loss is an integral part of trading .., traders know that sooner or later

Always and never ask the right question in every field and strive to answer

Take advantage of your mistakes to enhance your success in the future

Why was my entry wrong and the goal not achieved?

Look for the problem and improve yourself by yourself

We make it an investment

When you enter into a deal and the price proves to you that you are wrong in this decision and it is time to get out of that losing deal, but you continue in the deal, stubbornly and arrogant to the direction of the market?

And you even multiply your deals in the same direction

The market is a battle and a struggle

It is also satisfied with a win, I am satisfied with a loss

And improve yourself for your future

"I have a method that works in all circumstances without financial management."

Abbreviate it for you, there is absolutely no way

Even with financial management there are risks

But it is a lifebuoy, leash, and magic wand

For whom God blesses you

Three quotes by Warren Buffett

1 / Never invest in a business that you cannot understand

2 / If you are uncomfortable buying something for ten years, do not buy it for ten minutes

3 / That financial markets are designed to transfer money from active to patient