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How to invest an amount of money in the digital currency market?

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Assuming you collect an amount equal to 2000 euros and decide to invest all the amount in digital currencies, it is best to invest in different currencies. It's called portfolio diversification. All investors know the saying: "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." Laying eggs in different baskets means putting 2,000 euros in different cryptocurrencies.

Here's how to do it wisely. This type of wallet would be quite traditional, but on the other hand,

It will be more secure.

 50% (€ 1,000) for Bitcoin. # BTC Good choice:

 Here are some of BTC's strengths

 1 - Decentralization.

2 - There are no founders.

3 - The most mature coin.

4 - Highest liquidity.

5- Biggest dominance (now 66%).

6 - The constant focus of the media.

7 - Wide reputation and reach.

30% #Ethereum

It is considered a good investment because it:

1 - The private ecosystem of the largest community of developers.

2- Real Use Cases: ERC-20, smart contracts, dApps EVM.

3- Continuous updates

4- Search for triple blockchain solutions (scalability, decentralization, and security).

5- The second largest market value.

15% (€ 300) - You should go to altcoins promising cool and powerful projects like BNB, NEXO, BAT, ENJ and others.

10% (€ 100) - Also consider investing in alternative currencies with a low cap for a short period to take advantage of, but remember to pick the most popular coins. Or some projects that are expected to succeed by some experts and specialists, and we find updates in the news.

Important tips for beginners:

  1- Continuous access to the full list of cryptocurrencies, you can follow them on coinmarketcap

  2- Pay attention to currencies with high market capitalization and high liquidity (volume in 24 hours).

3- Check the currencies and projects you have chosen. At least follow these checks:

Find CEO, Operations Manager and Developers on social media..Check if their profiles are real Read their CVs carefully Check if they have a real use case and market position.

Read what other investors have to say about the project or currency on the Bitcointalk Forum, Reddit, Twitter, and Medium.

Check if the project has regular updates on Github.

Invest 1-5% of your initial capital in cryptocurrencies and don't forget the basic rule for investing:

 "Invest as much as you are prepared to lose."

 Focus on ... and make your financial investments in cryptocurrencies make up exactly 1 to 5% of the capital.

Good luck ... and more success